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We have a limited supply of 19 hole capillary fibers
Material is Polystyrene

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High Pore Count Capillary Faceplates

Pore counts in the thousands to millions. Pore diameters in the 50-250 micron range. Thicknesses up 10mm. Other pore sizes and thickness may also be possible - contact us

Capillary polymer may be selected for use in optical, scintillation, and acoustic applications. Standard product is comprised of PMMA. Enhanced Hydrogen content available for neutron scattering. Contact us for a quote or a custom design.

PMMA Capillary Array
25mm x 25mm x 2mm
1200 square micron pore area, equivalent area to ~ 40 micron circle
64% open area
Limited availability

Part # PCA2525021200

Out of stock


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