Fiber Structures
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INCOM Inc. Announces Acquisition of Paradigm Optics

Polymer Optical Fiber
Grating and interferometric devices in POF
Strain and temperature sensitivity of a single-mode polymer optical fiber
Behaviour of intrinsic polymer optical fibre sensor for large-strain applications
Frequency Upconversion of 800 nm Ultrashort Pulses by Two-Photon Absorption in a Stilbenoid Compound-Doped Polymer Optical Fiber
NUV and NIR Femtosecond Laser Modification of PMMA
Capillary Tubing
Microbubble oscillation in tubes with diameters of 12, 25, and 195 microns
Developing Polymer Microchips for CE for CE-ESI ESI-MS

Fabrication of Ordered Macroporous Cylinders by Colloidal Templating in Microcapillaries

Zeta potential and electroosmotic mobility in microfluidic devices fabricated from hydrophobic polymers:
Advanced Polymer Structures
Precision microchannel scaffolds for central and peripheral nervous system repair
Novel Fast Neutron Counting Technology for Efficient Detection of Special Nuclear Materials

Arradiance Demonstrates First Plastic Microchannel Plate

Arradiance home page

An Economical Process for Templating, Highly-ordered, High-aspect ratio Architectures.
Templates for Fabricating Nanowire/Nanoconduit-Based Devices
A Process for Templating Nerve Guidance Scaffolds with Precision, Highly-ordered, High-aspect ratio Architectures.
Templated Agarose Scaffolds Support Linear Axonal Regeneration
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